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Founder: Atul Gulrajani












Creative, Analytical, Dynamic and Adventurous

A creative person, who loves to work with challenges and comes up with new and improved ways of doing things. He has a sharp analytical mind that strives for excellence. He loves variety in his work and seeks opportunities to do different things with a lot of zeal and passion. In his profession, he likes to explore and travel new paths, which albeit challenging, bring with it a breath of fresh ideas and a sense of achievement!



Atul is a thorough professional and has a wide work experience of 13 years. He has worked with clients across the globe and industry sectors. He believes in doing a thorough job on every assignment and is always on the lookout for instilling new ideas. Quality is his number one prority and he always strives for excellence. In the past, he worked as a full-time employee with prestigious organizations such as Netscribes, Sutherland Global, Boston Analytics, and Deloitte. His work has been appreciated for his thorough professionalism and top-notch analysis. His clients include corporates, private equity firms, partners and directors, CxOs, institutional investors, consulting firms and financial conglomerates from across manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, education, automotive, telecom, information technology, retail and real estate sectors.

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