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Investment Research​ at Perspectives Ansights

Investments are typically considered as a trade-off between risk and return. It has been believed that to earn higher returns an investor needs to take higher risks. This is exactly where quality research and analysis can make all the difference. There are a number of imbalances within any market at any given point in time. These very imbalances present investors the opportunity to minimize risks and maximize returns.

The imbalance could be due to lack of supplier's ability to identify emerging market needs or even underestimating prevailing trends. It could also be due to lack of a solution to tap the emerging or existing need. Irrespective of the reason, there is never a dearth of quality investment opportunity. At Perspectives Ansights our solid research methodologies and analysis helps uncover these opportunities to present you with favorable risk-return investment avenues.

Investment Research Services for Institutional Investors and Brokers

Our investment services cater to both buy-side and sell-side clients. Broadly our services include:

For buy-side:

  • Investment opportunity analysis for all asset classes

  • Identify new investment ideas across sectors and locations

  • Recommend investment size and time-horizon

  • Analyze and recommend financial instruments

  • Build and recommend investment portfolio to match your investment goals

  • Scenario analysis, including entry and exit strategies

For sell-side and corporate clients:

  • Design and build investor reports including annual reports, investor presentations and videos

  • Coverage reports, financial modeling and forecasting

  • Review and develop business ideas

  • Build investment plans

  • Design and build professional business presentations

  • Competitor analysis and strategy recommendations