Uncover market opportunities.

  • Market Sizing

  • Market Analysis

  • End-user / Customer Research

  • Country Analysis incl. PESTLE

  • Competitor Analysis incl. SWOT

  • Market Trend Analysis

  • Research on Your Market Initiative

  • Presentations and Infographics

  • B2B Market Survey

Avail both or either:

  • Primary Research Services

  • Secondary Research Services

Types of Market Research Services

Market Analysis.png

Market Analysis

B2B interviews.png

B2B Survey

Company Analysis.png

Competitor Analysis


Research for your Initiative

Country Analysis.png

Country Analysis

Market Sizing.jpg

Market Sizing

Trend Analysis.png

Trend Analysis


Graphics & Presentation


Market Analysis

It would cover every aspect of the market including:

  • Size and growth

  • Segmentation

  • Market and industry trends

  • Product-service trends

  • Cost and price trends

  • Supply and demand/end-user analysis including supply chain

  • Marketing dynamics

  • Market size forecast

Competitor Analysis incl. SWOT Analysis

It can include any or all of the following or anything else that you would like:

  • Overview

  • Size, share and growth

  • Financials

  • Product/Service portfolio

  • Initiatives (e.g. marketing, promotion, investment, expansion, social)

  • SWOT and PESTLE analysis

  • Management profiles

  • Geographic presence

  • Future plan


Location Analysis: Study a Country or Location for Doing Business

  • Study political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental (PESTLE) factors

  • Other specific factors related to your business or investment

  • Country comparison and benchmarking to help you select best location for your business

Market Trends: Uncover What is Trending

Any and every trend and latest development in the market based on your research objective:

  • Product and /or service

  • Pricing

  • Technology

  • Demand

  • Supply

  • Substitutes

  • Marketing

  • Legal

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • New Entrants

  • Customers

  • Supply Chain

  • Opportunities

  • Threats

  • Employment and talent


Market Sizing: Estimate any market's size and forecast growth (Sizing Model)

To estimate market size we broadly deploy:

  • Vertical:Top-down and bottom-up approach

  • Horizontal: Value chain approach

To forecast growth:

  • Quantitative: Historic (Time series analysis) and Causal (Regression)

  • Qualitative: Delphi and Market Research


Research for your Initiative

We offer research support for all your corporate initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Business growth plans

  • Corporate events

  • Reorganization

  • New business opportunity evaluation

  • Marketing and sales presentations

  • Website content development

  • Social media promotions

  • Corporate videos

  • Webcasts/Podcasts


Conduct B2B surveys and interviews

We provide professional business surveys and interviews on trending topics and markets through our strong business network of professionals spanning across sectors:

  • Financial services

  • Technology

  • Telecom

  • Automotive

  • Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Transport

  • Media and Entertainment


Build professional presentations, graphics and videos

In today's fast-paced life submerged under huge flow of information, the attention time-span has shrunk considerably. With our strong research and analytical background we offer you well-structured, logical, concise and professional graphics and content that is designed to get you all the attention you need to fuel your business growth. We cater to all your presentation and graphic requirements including, creating impactful:

  • Sales deck

  • Annual reports

  • Investor presentations

  • Board meeting presentations

  • Infographics

  • Corporate promotional videos

  • Product or service brochures

  • Brand and logo designs

  • Packaging designs

  • Internal corporate event designs

  • Promotions design and layout

Market Research at Perspectives Ansights

Market Research Approach

Research is driven by data, however we seldom realize that it is the data itself that sows the seed for research. Many a times we face or observe certain behavior around us that makes us think that some sort of sweeping change is underway. We realize that the change has implications and has given birth to new set of needs that were never felt before. Our research is thorough and it uncovers such important developments in the market at a very nascent stage to help provide your business the much needed competitive edge. We offer complete market research support.