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We strive and exist to help startups, SMEs, large enterprises grow and succeed.

Perspectives Ansights (PA) delivers "QUALITY" strategic business and investment research + consulting. PA thrives in sectors such as manufacturing, technology / IT, BFSI and healthcare where several other consulting outfits often struggle to deliver high quality. 


PA is driven by our compelling mix of technical (engineers) and management (MBAs) qualifications bundled with our strong expertise across these sectors. Undeniably, given the fast changing world of business, the biggest challenge that many enterprises face today, is developing a clear, sound, and most importantly a sustainable strategy. Often this is due to limitations in developing a holistic understanding of the domestic and global markets.

This is where our quality strategic consultants can make all the difference. Not just due to our expertise in the domain but also because our consultants are able to take a bird's eye view of the business with a neutral / unbiased mindset. Each consultant on our team has more than 10 years of work experience in the domain and brings along both technical and management qualifications.

Why Choose Us?

As a consultant, our endeavor is to offer you simply the best service first time, every time! As a result our differentiation lies in our ability to research and analyze businesses and markets from multiple perspectives and generate sound critical insights. These invaluable insights help us to develop a custom and sound strategy that can fuel your business' growth and success.

Our consulting services stand out from the crowd because of our:

I. Consistency

We strive to offer you the best quality services time and again. Our success lies in our combination of expert skill sets, diligence, determination and never dying attitude to deliver the best solutions for the challenges your businesses face today.

II. Efficiency

In this modern era, we recognize the ever increasing need for efficiency and the vital role that technology plays in everything we do. Our services are no exception. In fact, technology tools and our strong team complement each other. It helps us deliver executive-class cutting-edge analysis to you at economy-class price. With us you get the maximum possible return on your investment.

III. Trustworthiness / Strong Ethics

We work in a very structured manner to ensure complete peace of mind for our clients. Below are a few steps we follow to ensure that the trust in our relationship is built right from the outset and remains intact all the way. 

  1. Interact closely with our clients to understand their requirement to the minute level!

  2. Draft our understanding of the requirement in every possible detail and share it with our client for their confirmation and we keep doing it until we get it right.

  3. Draft and propose a scope and table of content to the client based on their requirement/s as confirmed in the step above.

  4. Seek client's feedback on the proposed scope and ToC, make edits if and as needed and repeat the process till the time that everything that the client needs is covered.

  5. Estimate the effort and propose exact time and cost that the work would need.

  6. Get client's approval on the proposed effort and plan out the interim drafts and updates that we would share based on client's need and comfort basis.

  7. Work out the payment schedule. The client is not needed to pay the whole amount at the outset. We work with pay-as-you-go model.

  8. Delivery: We start with a part advance payment and deliver a specific amount of work (as agreed and decided mutually).

  9. Reviews and Edits: The client reviews the work and we edit it if needed to meet and exceed client's expectations. Once section 1 is finalized, we move to section two with next part payment.

  10. Completion: The above two steps then continue on till the time of project completion.

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