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Client Testimonials

Angelica Cunha - Founder at in US

"I have used their services thrice and plan to continue to rely on their marketing, market research and competitive analysis work to help grow our business. Their work is very detailed and always backed up by reliable sources! What I appreciate the most is their ability to communicate with customers and explain any questions that we have. I highly recommend their work."

Meenakshi Sharma - Founder at DateFyx in Singapore

"Hired them for building DateFyx's business plan and financial projections model. I presented it to Shark Investors and also received an offer. I particularly appreciate the quality of deliverable, numerical ability, professionalism, and excellent communication skills. I highly recommend Perspectives Ansights (PA as we fondly address them)."

Wali Naderi - Business Development Manager at NEC EMEA

"I have been hiring PA over the past 5 years for several projects including market analysis, solution sales presentations, marketing plan, management framework, strategic plan, and every other analysis and presentation related work for our sales team. I am thoroughly impressed by their quality of work, analysis, attitude, professionalism, eye-for-detail, and seamless communication. Almost all of the delivered work has exceeded my expectations!"  

Julia - Founder of a New Start Up in US

"Working with PA was perfect - easy, professional and enjoyable! First class service and work! I highly recommend them and PA will be my primary point of contact if I need help again in the future! Their work was flawless! Thank you PA!"

Victor Lewis - Chief Creative, Fortified Media Group in US

Your insight really helped me shape my business and we would probably not be here right now if you had not highlighted the importance of getting involved in the SAAS industry. Since then I have launched my 5th application!

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